Eco-Friendly Bio gradable Eco 7 Ultimate Multi-Purpose Cleaner- 1 Litre

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The effective cleaning of food and meat processing equipment, work surfaces and area processing floors to a suitable hygiene standard that will prevent bacterial contamination of the end product requires the complete removal of layers of fat, protein, carbohydrates, grime and minerals from al contact surfaces and in the case of kitchens, bathrooms butcheries, also the removal of dried blood.

A biofilm forms on all surfaces whenever food and meat are processed.
The biofilm contains any of the following organic and inorganic materials or compilations thereof:
Salts and minerals
The biofilm forms the protective layer for microorganisms (microbes). Bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, and germs and also most importantly serve as the nutrition medium for these organisms.
The biofilm layer thickness can vary from a few microns to a millimetre or more.

Decomposition of the Biofilm
During the microbial decomposition of the biofilm organic material is converted to several gases of which some, given the ideal conditions, have offensive odours of which hydrogen sulphide is well known. Bacteria, when consuming the biofilm as a food source, also produce various enzymes which can lead to the premature perishing of food and meat using fermentation or other destructive organic mechanisms.

Disinfection of any surface is only effective once the biofilm has been completely removed especially from small nooks and crevices. Conventional disinfectants cannot dissolve or destroy the biofilm on their own and need to be combined with strong cleaning agents to be effective. Alternatively, a pre-clean of the contaminated surface/equipment is required before the application of a disinfectant.

Cleaning with Eco7
Eco7 has proved to be a very effective biofilm remover in several diverse applications. Offensive odours had disappeared within minutes after cleaning carpets, floors, walls, food preparation areas and tabletops with Eco7 as the sole cleaning agent. The disappearance of foul odours after cleaning is indicative of the destruction of the biofilm as this means that the microbe food source has been destroyed or removed.
It means that it cleans the biofilm and disinfect in one.

Health and Safety benefits of ECO7
ECO7 has one of the best safety ratings of products in its class:
– The safety rating of S2
– Contains no carcinogenic properties (cancer-causing agent)
– Environmental friendly and bio-degradable
– Non-flammable
– Non-toxic / non corrosive
– Non- hazardous and contains no acids or ammonia
– Not labour intensive Very effective and instantly reacts

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