Fino 339 Faceted Amethyst 925 Sterling Silver Gem Stone Earrings

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– Amethyst is a natural tranquillizer, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.

– Material: 925 Sterling Silver
– Stone Type: Amethyst
– Stone Colour: Purple
Size: 35mm incl. hooks
– Weight: 0.0058kg (5,8grams)

– Color and style: As the picture shows. And there might be a little bit color difference between the photos and the original samples.

Additional information

Weight 0.0058 kg
Dimensions 4.7 × 0.9 × 0.4 cm


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