Fino Italian Aniline Nappa Leather Hand & Shoulder Bag

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What Is Aniline Leather
Aniline leather is a high/quality product. Aniline actually refers to the dyes that are used in making the final product. It is a special treatment process used on the fine Nappa hides. This process makes it stand out amongst the many kinds of leather.

During the aniline dyeing process, the leather is not uniform in color throughout due to the different rates of absorption from area to area. This is a testament to the genuineness of the leather finish and adds to the beauty of the finish. Because aniline dyeing is only suited for the highest-quality hides, aniline leather is highly sought-after. The aniline dye, mixed with oils, soaks into the leather, giving it added softness and a rich look.

Aniline leather shows all the natural markings of the animals growth, as well as scars, wrinkles and other blemishes. Semi-aniline leather does not show the natural markings as clearly, and the leather is slightly stiffer and cooler to the touch. Aniline leather will have more natural colors, derived from the coloration of the animals skin.

Advantages of Aniline Leather
Aniline leather has the distinction of being one of the most sought-after leathers due to its high quality and appearance. It develops a patina over time by absorbing body oils and contact with the skin. It is both soft and subtle due to the lack of extra processing and coatings.

How to Care for Aniline Leather
Caring for aniline leather requires more effort than other types of leather. To prevent staining and slow down fading, apply a protective leather product. Clean the leather with an aniline cleaning product regularly to remove body oils and dirt from the surface. Keeping the leather moisturized prevents drying out and cracking. A good leather restorer will rehydrate dried-out leather and restore it to its soft and natural feel. On the other hand, maintaining semi-aniline leather is much easier. You can use water-based semi-aniline cleaners, occasional dusting and gentle soap and water to clean it.

This luxury Handbag is made with quality brown Italian leather that has an aged finish and nothing is more convenient for an everyday use and it is in soft yet durable Italian leather.

Bag Features:
– 2 x Top Handles
– 1 Adjustable Leather Shoulder Strap
– 2 Main Compartments
– Small Inner Pocket
– 2 x Side Zip Pockets
– Back Pocket

Fully interlined.
Color and style: As the picture shows. And there might be a little bit color difference between the photos and the original samples.

Bag: 20 x 33 x 19cm

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