Luvsa Merino AAA Grade 100% Natural Sustainable Auto Thermo Regulating/ Hypo-Allergenic Sheep Skin Rug

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26-100 (RUG)



Our South African Merino AAA Grade Natural Sheep Skin Rug is a great accessory for your Home. Kids and Pets both love them and they are naturally gravitating to them if there is a Sheepskin on the floor or furniture. They are great in front of fireplaces, not only as they are fabulous to sit on, but they actually protect the floor in case a coal should jump out as they put out fires! If you have wooden floorboards don’t even think twice! The Sheepskin Rug in front of your fire could save your house from burning down. They are naturally dirt repellent and an asset to your home in summer or winter.

Product Care:
With some care, your item should last for many years and bring lots of joy.
Sheepskin fibres have natural self-cleansing properties, so it is practical and easy to clean.
Often shaking /brushing and hanging it in the sun or vacuuming will do the trick.
Pure sheepskin products can be washed in the machine on the wool or cool cycle but warm day so it does not stay damp but dry in one day.
After washing you can brush the wool to restore fluffiness.

Colour and style: As the picture shows. And there might be a little bit of colour difference between the photos and the original samples.

Size is slightly different subject to size of sheep

Length - 104cm
Width - 68cm
Height - 3cm