Luvsa Veg Tanned Leather, Skin Friendly & Chemical Free Dog Collar Nat Rivet – 19x45cm

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Dog Collar


Why is veg tan leather so expensive?

Higher-quality leather items usually use vegetable tanning, which does not use chemicals to dye the leather and instead employs natural colouring methods such as tree bark and tannin. Because this process takes much longer than other tanning methods, it is more costly.

Our Vegetable Tanned Leather Dog Collar is Made in in South Africa has a stud design and metal buckle and D-ring to prevent rust and corrosion.

Multiple occasions suitable, heavy-duty hardware, sturdy enough, great for daily walking, training, outdoor sports. 

For all of dog types from Alaskan Malamute, Golden retriever, Labrador to Bulldog, Corgi and so on, please measure your pet's neck and check our breed, weight and how to measure charts before ordering.

Height – 0.03cm
Width – 1.9cm
Length – 45cm