Tumaz Peanut Massage Ball for Myofascial Pain, Deep Tissue and Muscle Knots

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Peanut Ball


Tumaz Premium Peanut Massage Ball heals the inflammation and pain that is effective in pinpointing trigger points in large muscle groups. Our goal is to help you attain peacefulness and tranquility as a result from every session.

This Massage Ball need to withstand a great deal of pressure in order to be effective in releasing deep muscle knots, so it’s important to choose our durable material that won’t crack or deteriorate with regular use. It is made from firm materials like solid rubber are more durable than those made from more flexible materials like EVA foam.

With a peanut massage ball, its shape leaves space for your spine whilst massaging the muscles. This makes it much more effective than any other tools. And the ball’s unique shape also helps you target areas of the body such as the forearms, shoulders, triceps, hand and feet.

The effect of a Massage Peanut Ball can have both a localized and overall influence in relieving your lower back pain caused by sitting in front of the PC or Cellphone.

It Improves the functioning of blood vessels and increases blood flow, Reduces tension in your muscles and connective tissues and Releases endorphins (your body’s natural pain-fighting hormone) to reduce the overall perception of pain."