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These luxurious Bags have Quality Leather and stitching that will keep you looking Stylish for many years to come. Our wide range of Bags come in Faux Leather, Genuine Leather, Nylon, Canvas, Linen, Polyester .etc

We offers a wide range of men’s and ladies genuine leather & Faux leather wallets and purses to choose from. Each wallet and purse having its own unique modern touch anyone will find their style.

We offer a wide range of Men’s Genuine Leather & Faux Leather Wallets to choose from. Each Wallet having its own Unique modern touch anyone will find their Style.  Each Wallet and has its own Unique It has a Modern Touch.

We  have a two  different materials of Faux  Leather and Micro fiber Faux Leather, both has a unique and  Fashionable.  Our Belts are all  uniquely designed to fit your style. 

Tumaz Offers a wide range of Sporting Goods for your daily Exercise, Well Being because Your Body deserves the Best and Sweet Dreams which makes it easier for you to Relax. We supplier quality goods.

Nordic/Scandinavian Canvas Art
We sell CC0 authorized original High-Resolution Images.
All canvases are stretched onto Solid Pine Wood.
+Eco-friendly PP

Our Instagreen Leaves is suitable for high-end Areas such as Coffee Shops, Restaurants and Homes to create an Atmosphere and add Vigorous Greenery. It can also be used as a Photo Wall or background Wall. It is easy to install and disassemble. Extremely soft to the touch. High Fidelity, Strong Sun Resistance, can be used Indoors and Outdoors, with excellent Texture.

Our easy to use Sweeper is Eco Friendly and  Labour  wise it is easy to push along for Multi-purpose  use.  It has a Low-dust controlled airflow and is a Space Saver when it comes storage and easy transporting thanks to the low weight

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Our Customer Reviews

Gert  5 April 2020

Great buy! This is exactly what I wanted and it looks and feel classy”.

Suleiman Olarinde 4 April 2020

“Timely delivery and exactly matches my need at a good price.”

Sam 17 February 2020

“Good quality and very happy with all 
the features and pockets inside.”

Sonja 18 March 2020

“Stylish and durable. My husband loves it”

Welcome 3 March 2020

“I like the fact that it’s made of
 genuine leather and that it has a
 card holder which enables me to

have my cards in one collection.”

About Us

Fino, established in 2000, offers a wide range of high-quality genuine leather & Faux leather fashion accessories with a blend of “African “elements in our designs like Rhino’s, Crocodiles and SA Landmarks. From our vast range of wallets and purse to stunning designed handbags and belts. Men’s wallets, our designs are different from plain leather wallets in the market. We have that “manly “and masculine look. Ladies purses, we offer a big range covering different price ranges. Canvas bags have been widely recognised in the market as being “functional with multi compartments/pockets”. It also offers a wide range of quality stitched bags for those casual outings to the Mall, parties or just visiting friends. We known as best seller on Takealot and our products labelled as ‘good value for money’ by the man product reviews.
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