Tumaz Premium Anti-Burst Ball Everyday Benefits

Tumaz Premium Anti-Burst Ball Everyday Benefits

  • 12 Jan 2022
  • Amanda Williams

Benefits of using an Exercise Ball Everyday
Making use of an inflatable ball has many benefits! From Exercising, Yoga, Sitting, pregnancy and even Rehabilitation for your back. The exercise Ball also known as a Swiss or Inflated Ball is ideal for everyday use as an exercise tool and even a seat.
Waking up Early and spending 8 hours behind a Desk and Staring at the screen can be draining and strenuous. Prolonged Sitting may lead to chronic Issues such as back pain, static nerve pain, depression, type 2 diabetes, and some type of cancer. It is healthy to take short walks throughout the day to encourage blood flow in the system You can also try sitting on an โ€˜inflated Ballโ€™ to increase movement.

Not only is the exercise Ball used in the gym it has now moved into the office! With a vast number of people sitting on an exercise ball at the office it is known to have improve sitting posture, increase blood flow, and strengthen core muscles, when used correctly.

How to sit on an inflated ball
  • Buy the right size to fit your height. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground and your knees at 90-degree angle.
    • Height: 4โ€™8 to 5โ€™3โ€ ยป Ball size: 55 cm/22โ€
    • Height: 5โ€™4โ€ to 5โ€™10โ€ ยป Ball size: 65 cm/26โ€
    • Height: 5โ€™11โ€ to 6โ€™4โ€ ยป Ball size: 75 cm/30โ€
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles and straighten your back. Relax your shoulders and place your hands on your desk. In the correct position, your arms will form a 90-degree angle. If you are sitting on the correct size ball and your elbows don't rest on the desk.
    • Incorrect arm positioning while sitting on the ball at your desk may cause shoulder and arm pain.
  • Widen your feet to increase your stability while sitting on the ball. Move your feet closer to challenge your balance and core muscles.
  • Adjust your computer screen or monitor to eye level to prevent neck or shoulder strain while you read and sit on the ball.
  • Donโ€™t sit for longer than 2 hours. The reason for a time limit is because your muscles may become tired, and you may feel sore in the middle and lower back.
  • Always make sure your Exercise Ball is pumped. It is better to sit on a perched Ball than to sink into it.

Prolonged sitting and bad posture on an Inflated Ball may cause more Harm than Help. Sitting on an โ€˜inflatedโ€™ ball as part of your fitness and exercise plan for short periods of time can be highly effective.

The inflated Ball is also known as a Birth Ball, which gives extra support for the weight. The exercise ball offers a low-intensity, comfortable and fun workout. It is easier to get on & off a Ball as compared to the sofa and chair.

Regular exercise increases blood flow to the uterus, placenta, and the baby. It relieves back pain, improves balance, and strengthens your legs and hips. These exercises can also be very relaxing and soothing for both mother and baby.

Making use of an inflatable ball is also great for postpartum, its extra spongy and will feel soft and comfy on your saddle region. It also helps with comfortable and pelvic floor recovery after giving birth.

Entering the working environment for the first time was a bit challenging for me as I was not used to sitting for long periods of times, hence I suffered with lower back pains. I purchased the Tumaz Wobble Cushion which also assisted with my posture and concentration. I then decided to try out the Tumaz gym ball.

Sitting on an inflated ball was so much more fun. It kept me alert and awake when I felt tired. It has helped with my core muscles and is extremely comfy. I highly recommend the Tumaz gym ball as it is an anti-burst exercise/birth ball. The Tumaz Gym ball meets medical requirements and can be used as a birth ball. It comes in two sizes, 65 inch and 75 inch. Make sure you chose the correct size according to your height.

When making use of the inflated ball, be sure to sit for a maximum of 2 hours at a time with the correct posture as stated above.
The Tumaz Gym Ball is one of the โ€˜Bestโ€™ gym/birth ball available today. Given the same size, our balls use 100 to 500 grams more material compared with other competitors. It comes with an Anti-Burst Rating for maximum safety. Staples, pins or other sharp items may unexpectedly pierce your ball if you roll over them. Anti-Burst rated balls will deflate slowly and safely when punctured, rather than bursting suddenly like a balloon with you landing on your back, as occurs with cheap, non-Anti-Burst exercise balls.

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