Fino GSX-012A Full Grain Crazy horse waxed 15" Genuine Leather Bag- Black

R 3,035


GSX-012 A



Crazy Horse leather has been known throughout the centuries for its beauty, strength, and durability. The name is derived from the leather's popularity of use in saddle making - saddlers appreciated the toughness and beauty of this top-quality leather. Crazy Horse leather is made from full-grain cowhide - the highest-quality natural leather in the world. A coating of natural wax is applied to the leather, then buffed and polished to a rich, smooth finish. Wear and tear will increase the bag's beauty - bumps and scratches change the color tones in the leather, creating the rich, multi-hued sheen that only the finest natural leather is known for.

Our crazy horse leather range shows the rich color of the cowhide while changing hues with each fold and scratch. Crazy Horse leather is water-resistant - simply wipe away any spills. Oils from your skin add a beautiful gloss to the leather - these tenacious bags will hold up to whatever the world throws at them.

Bag Features:
Adjustable Shoulder Sling
Top Handles
1 Main Compartment
1 Front Zip Pocket
1 Front Magnetic Pocket
1 Back Zip Pocket
Inner Zip and Hook and loop Strap Divider
Fully interlined
Colour and style: As the picture shows. And there might be a little bit of colour difference between the photos and the original samples


Length: 40cm

Width: 9cm

Height: 30cm