Fino SK-GT6833 Tactical Anti-Theft Military Backpack with Headphone Port

R 745





Seldomly does a backpack come along where almost everything has been thought of. Our Backpack can be considered one of these rare breeds. Designed for the digital nomad, This Backpack features rich in function and design, including Antitheft Straps. The Headphone Port makes it easy to listen to music or be on a call whilst safely carrying your Device in your Backpack.

Bag Features:
- Adjustable Shoulder Straps
- Carry Handle
- Adjustable Sternum Strap
- 1 Main Zip Compartment
- 2 Front Zip Pockets
- 2 Compression Strap Buckles
- Headphone Port
- Headphone Aux Cable
- Sweat Absorbent Mesh Cushion

Fully interlined.
Colour and style: As the picture shows. And there might be a little bit of colour difference between the photos and the original samples.

Length - 24cm
Width โ€“ 13cm
Height - 42cm