Luvsa AMT-222 100% Natural AAA Grade African Merino Sheep Skin Rug - Chalk Black

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Our 100% Merino Genuine Sheepskin Rug will transform any space in your home and add comfort and luxury. Perfect as a throw over a bed or a cosy carpet in the bedroom or living area. Comes with a natural non-slip suede back. It is a perfect fit for strollers, it has a Plush, Cushioning Support and feels soft next to your Baby s Delicate Skin. it is Natural, Comfortable and Stylish.

People often think that Sheepskin is only for keeping Warm, fortunately, this is simply not true. Due to the Hollow Fibres of the Wool, Pure Sheepskin has a Natural breathing Quality that helps to maintain steady Body Temperature for your little one in all Types of Weather. This Genuine Sheepskin can also be used as a rug. They are great in front of fireplaces, not only as they are Comfortable to sit on, but they actually protect the floor in case a coal should jump out as they put out fires! If you have wooden floorboards don t even think twice! The Sheepskin Rug in front of your fire could save your house from burning down. They are naturally dirt repellent and an asset to your home all year round.

Merino Wool is sustainable, biodegradable, heat insulating, wicking, lightweight, wrinkle resistant, water repellent and cruelty-free.

A merino sheep can produce up to 227 lbs of wool in its lifetime.

A Merino wool fibre can draw in up to 30% of its own weight in moisture while staying dry to the touch. This effect otherwise known as wicking pulls 10 times more moisture (and sweat) away from the skin than a synthetic fibre, while maintaining all of its performance qualities.

The internal structure of each woollen fibre - a three-dimensional corkscrew pattern, or helical crimp - gives wool its elasticity. The coiled springs of these molecular chains, with their permanent built-in memory, make the woollen fibres themselves coil-shaped, accounting for their enduring resilience.

Wool's porous structure is the reason it is such a good thermal insulator, not to mention the mesh of the fibres, which creates millions of air pockets, all of which further help to regulate temperature and humidity.

When absorbing moisture on a cold morning, wool releases the energy equivalent of an electric blanket plugged in for over 8 hours.

Wool is a naturally strong fibre. It can bend back on itself 20,000 times without breaking; compare this to cotton at 3,200 times, silk at 1,800, and rayon at only 75 times.

The benefits of sheepskin:
- Machine washable (simply pop it in the machine on the wool cycle)
- Hypoallergenic (non-allergenic; non-scratchy)
- Auto-thermo-regulating (cool in summer; warm in winter)
- Insulating
- Flame and odour resistant
- Quick-drying

Colour and style: As the picture shows. And there might be a little bit of colour difference between the photos and the original samples.

Please note certain rugs may have little Blemish holes on the Skin and are considered normal. The sheep skin is a product of nature and does come with some imperfections due to the natural skinning process.

Sizes are slightly different subject to size of sheep.

Approximate Dimensions:
Length - 120cm
Width - 80cm
Height - 4cm

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