Masturf Faux Leaves Wall Panel for Outdoor and Indoor - Milan

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Artificial Leaves


Orange Jasmin Dark Green Artificial Plant has a Good three-dimensional impression, decorative Strong, thick back plate, durable. The color is natural, the hand feels flexible, and it is not easy to distinguish between true and false in close display. It is suitable for high-end commercial spaces such as coffee shops, restaurants, and clothing stores to create an atmosphere and add vigorous greenery. It can also be used as a photo wall, background wall, easy to install and easy to disassemble. It has a higher density and a stronger three-dimensional effect. If projected by light, it can create a strong contrast and vivid expression. Use artificial flowers to create a distinctive artistic wall. Dark green is especially suitable for outdoor sunshine occasions and has the most three-dimensional effect.

Artificial Leaves Panel Dimensions:
50x50cm Mesh
How to install Faux Leaves Wall Panel