Tumaz NBR01 10mm Thick all in 1 Anti-Tear Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap

R 560





"Tumaz NBR Mat with carry Strap is High Quality and is made entirely of NBR real material and does not add other clutter to increase weight, lightweight and easy to carry.

It was manufactured with the latest bee-foaming technology, closed pore rate of up to 9 0%, far above the industry average of 60% - high and low closed pore rate affects the elasticity of the material, high closed pore rate makes the mat more likely to rebound, and not easy to collapse after long-term kneading deformation (compared with his brand NBR pad) - the above product actual test motion map, That is, for different closed pore rate caused by different results.

It has a Tear-Resistant, Anti Slip and buffering function and is also suitable for yoga beginners, at the beginning of the posture is not yet fully controlled with a 10mm thickness and solid smoothness that provides indoor home fitness, buffering, non-slip effect, to avoid joint and ground collision and injury.

You can also use it for children to play on the floor, so that when children run and jump they will not fall and get injured.

1. Product packaging has been placed deodorant bag, but NBR pad because the material is synthetic rubber relationship, how much will emit the rubber taste of the material itself.

2. Leave NBR Yoga Mat in the ventilation area for about 1-2 days, can effectively reduce the rubber odor, because the packaging is to roll up the yoga mat, so spread out after the end of the yoga mat may have the phenomenon of upturned, and because the material density is low, may not be able to spread out on the flat ground, please first back roll the mat for a period of time and then flatten, you can let the end return to a flat state.

3. Because the NBR pad is relatively soft, after use there are signs of use as a normal phenomenon, although Tumaz NBR yoga mat rebound is better than his card, it is still not recommended to use utensils on NBR yoga mats (such as massage balls and other more hard tools), otherwise it may leave more difficult to reply to the indentation.

4. The production process may produce small holes, this is a normal phenomenon does not affect the use."