Tumaz WB0113 Premium Wobble Cushion - Wiggle Seat Improves Sitting Posture

R 440



Wobble Cushion

Light Green

Tumaz Wobble Cushion provides a fun way for adult, children or students to maintain sitting on the chair. You need to maintain balance when sitting on the cushion which makes you strengthen the core muscle accordingly. It also Stability Balance Disc to Physical Therapy, Relief Back Pain & Core Strength.

It is pre-inflated. It comes with a pump so that you can adjust the inflated level as what you want.
Diameter is 13 inch and weight is 1,000 g. The load capacity is up to 1,000 lbs to ensure your safety

Thicker, Better, Safer
Tumaz Wobble Cushion is made of the thickest and the most durable material in the market. Additional anti-burst design and anti-slip matte surface provides quality look and the highest safety standard.

Help Children Stay Focused
Tumaz Wobble Cushion provides a fun way for energetic kids to increase attention because kids love the keep-moving surface! Giving kids wiggle seats is the easiest way to help them stay focused while sitting for long periods of time.

Easiest Way to Maintain Good Posture
Sitting on Tumaz Wobble Cushion requires your core muscle, which naturally help you maintain good sitting posture.

Colour and style: As the picture shows. And there might be a little bit colour difference between the photos and the original samples.