Fino DWS-C01 Genuine Leather with Anti-Theft RFID Auto Pop Up Card Holder

R 355





The metallic finish on the sleek Aluminium body of the wallet, along with its smart features will make you feel a class above the rest! This is a perfect present for anyone who always has multiple cards and is frustrated by their day-to-day bulky wallet.

In this growing digital world, the money in your bank is at constant risk from unwanted RFID
scanners used by thieves these days. This wallet can effectively block unwanted RFID scanners as it comes with an RFID Blocking Mechanism that prevents unauthorized access to your credit/debit or even metro or ID cards.

Its minimalist design allows you to keep it easily in your front pocket for daily use. It can hold 4-6 Credit/Debit cards or 14-16 Business/Visiting cards. Durable and convenient for everyday commuters or travellers.

A unique slim organizer that quickly & neatly slides your cards out with a single trigger action without the cards falling out at any time. No more hunting for that one credit card in your untidy & bulky wallet as this one wallet is easy to use and allows you quick access to all the cards in one go.

Wallet Features:
- 2 Slip in Card slots
- 4 Slide up Card slots

Fully interlined
Colour and style: As the picture shows. And there might be a little bit of colour difference between the photos and the original samples.

How to Loosen Up Stiff Leather Wallets

The Card Method:
Step 1: Stuff two or three cards -- credit cards work well -- into one wallet slot. Fill as many slots as you can.
Step 2: Hold the wallet in your hands and work the leather gently. Leave the cards in the wallet for 10 minutes.
Step 3: Remove the cards. Your wallet will feel looser and placing items in the slots will be easier.

Length - 9.5cm
Width - 1.5cm
Height - 7cm