Our South African 100% Natural Merino Unsheared AAA Grade Skin Rug

Our South African 100% Natural Merino Unsheared AAA Grade Skin Rug

  • 25 Aug 2022
  • Keslyn Micaela Loforte

Nothing beats a natural sheepskin rug for that luxuriously soft, warm feel underfoot. Our Rugs are made using 100% natural Marino wool, which is humanely sourced in the Northern Cape of South Africa. It is the perfect way to add an instant touch of mid-century style to an uncarpeted room.


The South African Merino Sheep

Merinos are a dual-purpose breed of sheep, producing excellent Top-Quality Medium to Ultra-Fine Wool as well as mutton. Merino sheep are bread extensively throughout South Africa, Merino SA has nine Merino regions in South Africa. The nine regions are situated in the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Free State and Mpumalanga provinces. The tradition of farming with Merino’s has a long- and well-established history in South Africa and the history of the introduction of this distinctive and excellent breed to South Africa is quite remarkable.



This history stretched back as far as 1789, when the Dutch Government donated two Spanish Merino rams and four Spanish Merino ewes to Col. Jacob Gordon, the military commander at the Cape at that time, on an experimental basis. These sheep were initially the property of the King of Spain, who had the sole right to export Merinos. However, the King sent several sheep from his famous Escorial Merino Stud as a gift to the House of Orange. As the sheep did not thrive in the cold, wet Dutch climate, these sheep were sent to Col. Gordon in South Africa. Over the centuries, the flourishing South African Merino industry we have today started with those first six sheep.

The Merino sheep’s wool whilst on farms has a beige/brown appeal to it, this is because they have lanolin oil on their wool, which helps them gather dust and blend in with vegetation. Fun fact! the lanolin oil from the sheep’s wool is sold separate because it helps soften skin and protect from UV rays.





About our Merino Sheepskin Rugs.

Our South African Merino AAA Grade Natural Sheep Skin Rug is a great accessory for your home, they are 100% Naturally Sustainable and Humanely Sourced. Both Kids and Pets love them and are naturally drawn to them, these rugs are perfect for kids, adults and pets because they are Hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic Wool Carpeting can act as an Air Filter, Trapping Allergens and Air Pollutants, and allowing you to improve the air quality of your home. The inside of wool fibre is Hygroscopic and can naturally hold up water molecules. The Wool Binds the Dust from the air, which can be removed from the rugs with a vacuum cleaner, thus helping keep the room air clean. Therefore, you and your little ones are guaranteed to have no sniffles, coughs or puffy eyes.


Our Sheepskin Rugs are also Washable. They can be washed in the comfort of your own home in your Washing Machine on the Wool Cycle, they are also Dryer Friendly and can be Dried on a Low Setting. Also, Regular Light Brushing or Shaking will assist in keeping the skin's natural characteristics. It is important to remember that Sheepskins are a Natural product, therefore, sight variations in sizing, colour and texture should be expected.


Rug Washing Instructions.

  • Pre-soak in 40-degree water and wash in a wool cycle.
  • Rinse until water is clear and then spin dry to remove any excess water.
  • Gently comb wool whilst still damp.
  • Slow drying will give best results, line dry away from direct sunlight.
  • Once dry, stretch by hand in all directions
  • When almost dry stretch by hand in all directions.
  • Reshape whilst damp, Flat Dry, Tumble dry at low temperature


These rugs are perfect for the inside of your home because not only do they Absorb Bad Odours, they are also Odourless. They also come in two colours (Mocha/ Anthracite black)

These rugs are beautifully Lush and Soft to the touch, this is because the Merino ancestors of pretty much all fine Wool breeds produce the Finest and most Valuable type of wool. Merino sheep have wool of fineness 17-22 microns. Therefore, making our Rugs Full, Lucious and Cloud Soft. They are also Fire and Static Electricity Resistant making them the perfect design statement to place IN front of your fireplace. “Hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows for me please!”

Personally, I am in love with how these Sheepskin Rugs feel on my skin. The raw beauty of these rugs makes them the perfect addition to my interior design of my home. These rugs have excellent Insulating Properties and are Perfect for All Year Round, this is due to the fact that Merino wool Helps To Regulate Body Temperature and keep you dry as the fibre naturally absorbs and releases moisture, which means less sweat on your body and on your clothes. Our Sheepskin Rugs are a Long-Term Product, which means NO MORE SWITCHING OUT YOUR RUGS AS THE SEASONS CHANGE!





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  • 25 Aug 2022 karen

    What detergent do I use to wash my sheepskin rug in the machine? Mine has got leather/suede on the back of it…Thank you

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