Using Faux Masturf to Spice up your Indoor & Outdoor Spaces.

Using Faux Masturf to Spice up your Indoor & Outdoor Spaces.

  • 25 Aug 2022
  • Keslyn Micaela Loforte

Using Faux Masturf to Spice up your Indoor & Outdoor Spaces.
It is no surprise that Vertical Gardens are becoming increasingly popular. A Vertical Garden is a wonderful way to Refresh either your Indoors or your Outdoor Spaces when you live in an urban area- but not only do they Boost Privacy, but they also Enhance Outdoor Areas, they stand in for Art as well as make small Outdoor Spaces feel more Expensive. With Faux Leaves Vertical Gardens, you can create Realistic, Long-lasting, Easy Maintenance and Cost-Effective Indoor and Outdoor Spaces. Here are ways you can use our wall panels to Spice Up your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces.




Amazon forest

This Faux Leaves Wall Panel is Perfect when trying to achieve a Jungle or Rainforest Aesthetic. Its Juicy Leaves and Vibrant Colors make you feel like youโ€™re hiking through the beautiful Brazilian Amazon rainforest. This specific type of Faux Plant is Perfect for Restaurants- whether it be Indoor or Outdoor Spaces. Our Amazon Forest Wall Panel Blurs Boundaries along fence lines, creating a more Open Feeling Within Spaces, allowing them to Feel More Luxurious.


Do you love your privacy? and, are you Looking for something a bit Different from the usual Fence or Hedge to give your Outdoor Space a more Private Feeling? Then you need to try our Yuga Faux Leaves Wall Panel. Its Densely Packed and Succulent Leaves make it Perfect for Creating a Faux Leaves Privacy Screen. This Faux Vertical Garden gives you much more Privacy while also Extending your Garden. It also gives you a real Statement Piece to talk about when friends and family come over!

White Joy

The Rich Green and Beautiful Delicate White Flowers on this Faux Leaves Wall Panel make it the Perfect Faux Wall Panel for weddings. Its Lifelike Feel will have your guests mind blown. Its Subtitle Elegance will definitely boost the appeal of any venue by Creating a Spacious Indoor-Outdoor Experience. The question is, are you ready for your wedding to be the talk of the town?


This Wall Panels Glossy and Two-Toned green color make is a Perfect Statement Piece to Spice Up both your Outdoor and Indoor Spaces. This is the perfect Low Maintenance Faux Leaves Wall Panel because of is Multipurpose Functionality! It can be used as an Outdoor Screen for privacy due to its Densely Packed Leaves, OR it can be used Indoors to Add Color to your Home or your Bathroom.

Lucky Palm

The Thickness of these Leaves along with its Fullness Bright Green Tones make it impossible to tell it apart from a living plant. Using this Lucky charm wall panel in your home will add a Special Pop of colors, pairing this Faux Leaves Wall Panel with bright orange, pink and yellow plants, vases or ornaments will elevate your living space.


Are you trying to take your bathroom aesthetic from hospital to Pinterest? All you need to do is add some color! With no renovations or tiresome paint work needed, its simple. Add our Fern Faux Leaves Wall panel in your Shower or on your Bathroom wall โ€“ a small change to your living space is certain to make a big difference!

Fresh maple

The soft green colors in this wall panel along with its small and delicate leaves pair amazing with a Minimalist Interior or Exterior Design. The yellow-green colors in this Faux Plant pair perfectly with light brown and nude tones. Elegance becomes your interior design with this wall panel.

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