Improve your Posture, Concentration & more

Improve your Posture, Concentration & more

  • 17 Sep 2021
  • Amanda Williams

There is a new method to Increase Concentration, Improve Siting Posture and help with spinal issues whilst exercising and strengthening the core muscles. There are many Benefits that a Tumaz Wobble Cushion can provide you and your child.

After using a Tumaz Wobble Cushion for over a year, I have experienced the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ and I found that more people need to become aware of the benefits that a Wobble Cushion can offer us.

The Tumaz Wobble Cushion improves sitting posture, by keeping your core muscles engaged. When seated on the wobble cushion it encourages you to use your back muscles and keep your posture straight. Proper posture improves blood flow, increases energy levels, aids in preventing back and muscular pain and enables muscles to coordinate in a more efficient manner.

Sitting on a wobble cushion is not comfortable. The main purpose of the Tumaz Wobble Cushion is to work your core Muscles and keep your spinal cord straight. Making use of a wobble cushion is similar to being seated on a therapy ball, except the wobble cushion is smaller and easier to carry around. The encouragement to have proper posture reduces strain on the body’s joints and ligaments.

 I sit on my Wobble Cushion for about 30 minutes and then I take a break from it as my abdominals do start to hurt a bit and that’s because, the wobble cushion is at work strengthening my core muscles. As they say, no pain no gain. I take regular intervals when practicing ‘active sitting’ so that I do not put myself through any discomfort.

The Tumaz Wobble Cushion is ideal to use at work. The reason for this is, we spend so many hours a day behind a desk, on a chair and being seated for so long can make us feel tired. Which may cause us to lose interest and lack concentration.

The Tumaz Wobble Cushion provides a bit of height to our chair and keeps us alert and focused. The correct way of sitting in front of a laptop or pc screen is to have the screen at eye level so that you don’t slouch or strain your eyes by looking down.

 When I am not Sitting on my Tumaz Wobble Cushion, I rest my wobble cushion between my back and my chair. This provides support to my lower back and eases the discomfort I may feel in my back. I rotate my cushion between my back and sitting. A great combination to keep us awake, alert and exercising.

When seated on the wobble cushion, it is vital that you don’t slouch. The cushion should be placed on a flat surface and your back should be straight up, you can move your hips side to side as a form of exercise.

By practising ‘’active’’ sitting, you are able to stay focused for longer. The Tumaz Cushion has so many good benefits to it that they have now introduced ‘active sitting’ into the classrooms. Recently teachers have advised placing a Tumaz Wobble Cushion in their classrooms so that students can sit on them. These Cushions are very helpful when it comes to children that like to constantly move around or fidget in attempt to stay alert. These children are called movement sensory seekers. The cushion provides a less distracting way for them to receive movement whilst being seated and helps them stay focused.

The Tumaz Wobble Cushion is a round inflatable flexible PVC disk, filled with air that can carry up to 453kg in weight. It is designed with one of the thickest durable materials in the market. It has an additional anti-burst and anti-slip matte that provides the highest safety standard. It has raised dimples on the surface for tactile input. 

Many chiropractors recommend the wobble cushions to their patients with spinal issues who may have difficulty sitting for long periods of time. The wobble cushion can be an excellent option in the rehabilitation process. The higher the level of flexibility in the spine, the lower the chances of recurrence for an injury. Making use of the Tumaz Wobble Cushion will help improve your balance and reduce pain.

Wobble Cushions are strong enough to even stand on in order to practice balance. The wobble Cushion is known as a ‘balance board’ when doing yoga. It can be used in a variety of exercises such as meditation, yoga poses, and push-ups. The wobble cushions are used in training abs and provides a more challenging workout. Yoga moves can be challenging but when done on an unstable platform such as the wobble cushion or balance board it becomes infinitely more difficult. As the wobble cushion moves from side to side, you will be using more of your core to keep the torso upright and stable.

The Tumaz Wobble cushion has many benefits when used correctly. A Small Disk that can make major changes to your body. Simply amazing! The Tumaz Wobble Cushion is sold with a pump and 2 needles to inflate and deflate the cushion. Everyone needs a Wobble Cushion to wobble their way into proper balance and core strength. 

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Tumaz Premium Wobble Cushion - Improves Sitting Posture & Tension

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